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Born 1982, Arita, Saga Prefecture, Japan

Lives and works in New York City



2001  Ceramic Program, Arita Technical High School, Japan

2008  BFA in Printmaking, California State University, Long Beach, CA

2010-2014  Associate Artist at Brick house ceramic art center, Long Island City, NY

2015-present  Studio Member at Sculpture Space NYC, Long Island City, NY

2008-2016  Studio Assistant at Jeff Koons Studio, New York, NY


Toshiaki Noda has been primarily working on ceramic art since he realized the potential of the medium. He has been fascinated with the characteristics of ceramics such as the plasticity of clay that gives him many options and a spontaneous approach in building form. The textures and colors he can get only from the alchemy of glazes that he can not have full control over, attracts him. Noda invariably gets his inspiration from the passage of time and visual changes of things caused by both natural and unnatural events over time such as layers in canyons accumulated and exposed over many years, weathered abandoned buildings, re-pasted and faded advertisement posters on city walls, a squashed can in a road, layered paints peeling off of a wall, and so on. These visual elements grab his attention because he is intrigued by the stories behind those physical changes. The quotidian objects have inadvertently become mysterious looking things with peculiar textures and compositions. These visual encounters influence his aesthetic sense and main concept. Clay that has formed over time in a stratum of the earth and then was dug up to become a glazed art piece in a kiln, bears conceptual resemblance to the aforementioned.



2017 (July 19th through August 7th)   Issues from the Hands (Solo Exhibition),  8/ ART GALLERY/ Tomio Koyama Gallery,  Tokyo, Japan

2016   Solo Exhibition,  Spun Smoke,  Oakland, CA

2016   The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell (Group Exhibition), Sculpture Space NYC, Long Island City, NY

2016   Call The Bluff by Beatrice Scaccia (Sculpture Contribution), Cara Gallery, New York City, NY

2016   Art Market San Francisco  (Art Fair), with Patricia Sweetow Gallery,  San Francisco, CA

2015   Solo Exhibition, Spun Smoke Gallery, Oakland, CA

2015   Art Market San Francisco  (Art Fair), with Patricia Sweetow Gallery,  San Francisco, CA

2014   Little Gloating Eve (Collaborative Exhibition), Cuchifritos Gallery, New York City, NY

2014   Little Gloating Eve (Collaborative Exhibition), Effearte Gallery, Milan, Italy

2014   5 Solos (Dual Exhibition), TF Cornerstone, Long Island City, NY

2014   LIC Arts Open (Group Exhibition), Gotham Building, Long Island City, NY

2013   EU iGual (Collaborative Exhibition), Raku2 Gallery, Yokohama, Japan 

2008   Printmaking (Solo Exhibition), Dutzi Gallery at California State University Long Beach,

           Long Beach, CA 

2008   Ink (Group Exhibition), Marylin Werby Gallery at California State University Long Beach,

           Long Beach, CA

2007   Love Life Lust (Group Exhibition), La Mano Press, Los Angeles, CA 

2007   MInd Your P's and D's (Group Exhibition), I-5 Gallery in The Brewery Arts Colony, 

           Los Angeles, CA 

2007   Insights:2007 (Group Exhibition), University Art museum at California State University Long   

           Beach, Long Beach, CA 



The William Louis Dreyfus Foundation



2017   The New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) /The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Artist Fellowship 



2015   96hours San Francisco Chronicle Interview